We offer group workshops, and customized individual sessions to fit your needs.

Call us or e-mail us to design a program that is right for you.

 Coaching Services 
60 min sessions - $125

(Pay as you go program)​

3 Month Package - $115 per session
(12 sessions included)
6 Month Package - $100 per session
(24 sessions included)

Coaching services are tailored specifically to meet your needs depending on what you are looking to achieve.  Below is the list of the different coaching services we offer:


**Life Coaching

**Relationship Coaching

**Career Coaching

**Image Coaching

Emotional Clearing
​90 min - $140

**During this session, we wil take a journey within to explore & release all the emotional blockages that may be causing imbalance and a sense of being stuck.

Find Your True Bliss Meditation
One on one session:
40 mIn - $40
60 min - $90
Just Breathe Meditation
One on one session:
40 mIn - $40
Breath & Sound Meditation
One on one session:

90 min - $140


Guided Imagery Meditation

One on one session:

60 min - $90


Pre-Natal Meditation
One on one session:

60 min - $90


**Meditation when practiced daily has been proven to reduce stress levels, increase the immune system and to improve mental health by aiding with focus and clarity.

Reiki Healing
​60 min - $120

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress, and promote physical & emotional healing through a gentle energetic touch. 


This technique will provide relaxation, clear thinking & restore balance in your body.


**Reiki has been recognized as a non- intrusive way to reduce stress & anxiety for cancer patients in one of the largest cancer hospitals in Manhattan.

Day & Weekend Retreats
Coming Soon....
Chakra balancing
90 min - $140

There are 7 energy centers in our body called Chakras and each chakra is linked to a specific part of our body. When our chakras are imbalanced, sickness, emotional and mental stress manifest in our body.


**Our Chakra balancing session will leave you feeling happier, healthier & revitalized!

Support Sessions for Women
​60 min - $120 (Individual)
60 min - $20pp (Group session)

We offer individual & group support sessions on the following topics:


**The Journey through divorce and getting back to a joyful life


**The Path to Motherhood:

--The Ups & Downs of Fertility Treatments & IVF

--Twin Pregnancy


**The Search for love:

--Manifest true love in your life